Near Real Time (NRT) Model

NRT forcing used by the Shelf and Los Lagos regions

Samples of the forcing products are displayed via link below for Ocean MAPS, GHRSST (BoM), and the SIMA Shelf model.

Temperature animation / still

N.B. OceanMAPS courtesy of Bureau of Meteorology: Bureau of Meteorology    OceanMAPS

NRT salinity and temperature for Shelf and Los Lagos regions

Plan views of surface temperature and surface salinity snapshots and animations for the near real time model are accessed via the links below. The ‘still’ link provides the most recent snapshot of the archive, whereas the animation provides several days of the most recent output appended to the archive

NRT Shelf model: Los Lagos – Aysen Shelf Salinity and Temperature animation / still

NRT Los Lagos model – Salinity and Temperature  animation  / still