2015 Hindcast

A hindcast of the year 2015 is undertaken so that the model may be calibrated to observations collected during this period. Both the regional shelf and Los Lagos models are simulated for this period, with the latter model nested within the former. Three rivers are include (Figure 1), with the Palena River located outside the Los Lagos model (but within the regional model), but able to influence the salinity in the local model via the open boundary conditions imposed. Flow magnitudes are shown in Figure 2 for 2015. Both models are forced in a manner identical to the NRT model (i.e. OceanMAPS global model forcing, ACCESS-G atmospheric forcing, same grid structure etc.). An animation of the annual cycle of salinity is shown in Figure 3 (note that these are daily snapshots at midnight, hence the tidal currents are aliased).

River inflow locations.
Figure 1: River inflow locations.
Flow magnitudes for 2015
Figure 2: Flow magnitudes for 2015.
Los Lagos salinity and currents for 2015.
Figure 3: Los Lagos salinity and currents for 2015.