Research Scientists

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veena nagaraj

Research Scientist, Coastal Vegetation & Food Webs

  • Dr Veena Nagaraj joined CSIRO’s CarbonLock Future Science Platform as a Research Scientist in November 2022.
  • She is a microbiologist and molecular biologist with nine years of research experience and competence across multidisciplinary areas in the field of environmental and industrial biotechnology.

CERC Engineering Fellow, Reservoir Productivity

  • Yongqiang Chen joined the CarbonLock FSP as a CERC Fellow in November 2022.
  • He obtained his PhD degree on Petroleum Engineering from Curtin University in 2019 working intensively on Smart Waterflooding through multi-scale experiments and geochemical modellings.
Nouman Mizra

Process Engineer – Projects Officer, Zero Emissions, ENERGY

  • Nouman Mirza is part of Sustainable Carbon Technologies group that is progressing the emissions reduction work in the areas of carbon capture and more specifically direct air capture.
  • Nouman has a PhD in carbon capture technologies and worked extensively (pilot and laboratory scales) in both the carbon capture/direct air capture and membrane technologies for separating various process streams. His current work focuses on developing solvents and gas-liquid contactors for direct air capture and integrating membrane technology with carbon capture/direct air capture technology.