From RESOURCEFUL magazine – Enhanced mineralisation – also known as mineral carbonation – is one of the promising methods for long-term reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Australia is helping to lead the way as to where and how it can best be done.

DR ANDREW LENTON joined international colleagues at COP28 in Dubai to launch a new Work Plan for MI-CDR’s Enhanced Mineralization Technical Track.

We talked to DR ANDREW LENTON ahead of this year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) about his work in the emerging field of carbon dioxide removal.

A climate overshoot that creates warmer oceans with lower oxygen levels will reduce the suitable habitat for many marine species long after CO₂ levels have peaked and declined.

Mineral carbonation offers the opportunity for both decarbonisation and atmospheric carbon dioxide removal, reports GRACE KIRKBY in resourceful magazine

The CarbonLock FSP has contributed to a new report on the role of carbon sequestration in accelerating Australia’s decarbonisation.

Catch up on the launch of the CarbonLock Future Science Platform, where we highlighted the opportunities in developing negative emissions technologies in Australia.

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The State of the Climate 2022 report is now available.

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Our CarbonLock Director Dr Andrew Lenton was interviewed for Issue 26 of CSIRO's Resourceful magazine.