About the Aus4Innovation Program

Aus4Innovation is an AUD$33.5 million development assistance program that aims to strengthen Vietnam’s innovation system, prepare for and embrace opportunities associated with Industry 4.0, and help shape Vietnam’s innovation agenda in science and technology.

Through the Aus4Innovation program, Australia and Vietnam will work together to explore emerging areas of technology and digital transformation, trial new models for partnerships between public and private sector institutions, and strengthen Vietnamese capability in digital foresight, scenario planning, commercialisation, and innovation policy.

Program Activities

Digital Foresight

CSIRO’s Data61 and Vietnam’s Ministry of Science and Technology have prepared a report looking at Vietnam’s Future Digital Economy.

Innovation Partnership Grants

Application is now open for existing partnership between Australian and Vietnamese organisations.

Science Commercialisation Partnerships

A team from CSIRO works with MoST’s NATEC to pilot activities to improve the uptake of new technology by Vietnamese agribusiness.

Policy Exchange

The Innovation Policy Exchange activities focus on collaboration to address emerging challenges in the implementation of Vietnam’s innovation agenda.

Artificial Intelligence Initiative

The Artificial Intelligence Initiative includes a number of activities to promote practical innovative solutions using AI and the deployment of the AI National Strategy.

Plastic Innovation Hub Vietnam

The Plastics Innovation Hub Vietnam is part of CSIRO’s Ending Plastic Waste Mission, which has a goal of 80 per cent reduction in plastic entering our environment by 2030.