Notes for Aquaculturists

The recipes and preparation protocols used in ANACC are predominantly designed for laboratory scale culturing.

Even the concentrated nutrient solutions may not be of sufficient volume for regular mass algal cultivation. It is up to the user to modify the quantities of material needed and determine the cost-effectiveness of using our proposed media versus commercial alternatives. As an example in the procedure to make concentrated f2 media 5 mL of the 1 L working stocks are used to make 100 mL of concentrated media. As the usage rate is 1 mL per 100 mL of seawater, the 100mL stock is sufficient for a 10 L culture. As there are 200 aliquots of working stock available (1 L stock/5 mL), the total culture volume that can be supported is 2000 L. The simplest modification to obtain useful volumes for aquaculture is to increase the volumes of the concentrated stock solution and its constituent working stocks e.g. for f2

Lab scale concentrated stock : 6 stocks x 5 mL each = 30 mL, made up to 100 mL with distilled H2O (d.H2O) This provides enough concentrated stock for 10 L f2 medium.

Largescale : 6 stocks x 500 mL each = 3000 mL, made up to 10,000 mL (10 L) with (d.H2O) . This provides enough concentrated stock for 1000 L f2 medium.

Note in our recipe only 100 mL of vitamin stock is made at any one time. For large scale purposes that volume would need to be increased to 1000 mL in accordance with the other stocks.