Cleaning / glassware preparation

Proper cleaning of cultureware is as critical to successful maintenance of microalgal cultures as it is for accurate results in analytical chemistry.  Some species, such as certain benthic diatoms, adhere to the glass and autoclaving cultures before disposal can also lead to a crust on the glassware at the meniscus which is not removed simply by a detergent bath but requires scrubbing with a bristled brush.  Our glassware preparation involves a preparatory rinse in hot tap water, soaking overnight in a detergent bath (e.g. Pyroneg), scrubbing,  a wash/rinse cycle in a Laboratory dishwasher (wash cycle at 85 0C, 2 tapwater rinses, 2 Reverse Osmosis water rinses and a drying cycle), followed by 3 hand rinses in Milli Q water and drying in a laboratory oven.

Non-disposable plasticware such as ploycarbonate carboys and polypropylene fittings are soaked in a compatible detergent such as Nalgene L-900 or Decon Neutracon.