We’re applying the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to our Mission objectives to solve Australia’s greatest challenges.

This project aims to develop state-of-the-art coastal water quality forecasting model using machine learning methods, multi-sensor satellite earth observations, in-situ […]

This project aims to develop AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies to manage Distributed Energy Resources (DER, i.e. solar, wind, energy storage, […]

Effective diagnostics are key to managing infectious disease outbreaks. We're using AI to underpin the next generation of biosecurity diagnostics.

The Australian red meat and livestock industry employs over 430,000 people and contributes more than $72.5 billion to our economy. […]

Imagine a world where Australian crop commodities are transformed into high-value, tailored ingredient products with precise techno-functional properties that meet the unique needs of the consumer-packaged goods industry.

Test tubes

The drug discovery process typically takes 10-15 years to take one drug candidate from initial discovery through to market approval, and costs over $1Bn. A cross-disciplinary team at CSIRO supported by the Minimising Antimicrobial Resistance Mission, the Infectious Disease Resilience Mission, and the AI4Missions initiative are developing new AI tools to accelerate this process and significantly reduce the costs involved in the lead up to clinical trials.

The Causal inference and prediction in high dimensional multi-scale systems project seeks to identify robust relationships between climate and socio-economic impacts.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been transforming our society and listed as the top strategic technology in many organisations. Although AI has huge potential to solve real-world challenges, there are serious concerns about its ability to behave and make decisions in a responsible way.

Australia faces a new wave of challenges in addressing the joint problems of modernising its industry whilst concurrently supporting Net Zero targets and transitioning to greener innovation models.