October 9th, 2019

Melita, Martin and Ian attended the 24th International Clean Air and Environment Conference in Queenstown, New Zealand between 16-18 September . The theme of the conference was Air Quality and the Built Environment, addressing all aspects of air quality regulation, emerging technologies, environmental challenges in urban environments, health impacts and the growing social awareness of air quality as an everyday concern. Melita presented “Measurements of Air Quality at a Hydraulic Fracturing Site in the Surat Basin, Queensland”, Martin presented “Inverse Modelling to Quantify Fire Emissions”  and “Rapid Update Smoke Forecasting“. Ian also made two presentations ; “Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) in the Air at Cape Grim, Tasmania” and “The Reconstruction of the Historic Record (1896-present) of Tropospheric Ozone”.  Martin also attended the Drones and Air Quality Workshop on the 15th September where he was able to share his enthusiasm about drones with a number of like-minded souls.