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CSIRO Wellbeing & Health Innovation Platform

Seeding growth of Australia’s nutrition, wellbeing and health industry

Translating science into real-world solutions

Australia’s nutrition challenges and opportunities are many – especially in the wellbeing and health arena. Our future prosperity and sustainability in health depends on our capacity for innovation to rise to these challenges and capitalise on opportunities. Now is the time to translate our science into real-world solutions for the betterment of all Australians.

Let our science and know-how enable your innovative idea.

CSIRO supports innovation by collaborating with Australian industry. We put the current and future needs of our partners first, and help them to realise new science-based commercial opportunities.

Our virtual doors are wide open

The CSIRO Wellbeing & Health Innovation Platform showcases our world-leading data, expertise and tech in the related fields of nutrition and food, health and wellbeing. These span a diverse array of offerings, including a Food Labels Advisory service, a comprehensive retail food and beverage database, dietary assessment tools, Glycemic Index testing and consulting, expertise in prebiotic and fibre formulation for gut health, diagnostics and more.

The platform makes it easier for industry to discover, connect and utilise our people and our science. We want to spark ideas, help turn opportunity into reality, and add science to your strategy. You may find the missing piece of the puzzle needed to turn a concept into a solution.

We work with start-ups, and small, medium and large businesses. We enable others to translate our science into health and wellbeing products and services that benefit our nation.

Our mission: To foster an ecosystem of innovation in the nutrition, wellbeing and health industry by supplying the science to solve problems and create value.

Take a look around our website at our current range of data, expertise and technology available.

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