Understanding social attitudes related to the success of area-wide weed management

July 11th, 2023

The need for weed management to work effectively across property and institutional boundaries, means that an in-depth understanding of the attitudes, practices and relationships of various actors involved in weed management is needed.

In mid-2020, over 80 growers, agronomists, consultants, contractors, extension officers, biosecurity officers and public land managers across three case study regions: Darling Downs, Queensland; Riverina, NSW; and Sunraysia, Victoria, were interviewed as part of this social research project.

The aim of the interviews was to:

  • learn about the diverse attitudes towards area-wide management of weeds across three case study regions
  • identify factors that explain participation in individual and area-wide management of weeds
  • identify social costs and benefits of area-wide management of weeds and related practices