Current project

Supported by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust


The current project focuses on releases and evaluation of the approved biological control agent for wandering trad, the leaf-smut fungus Kordyana brasiliensis, in New South Wales (July 2020 to June 2023).

Key activities of the project are to:

  • Supply material of the agent for community releases in NSW via post or at workshops.

  • Establish monitoring plots throughout the range of the weed in NSW and gather baseline vegetation data.

  • Assess establishment, spread and impact of the agent at monitoring plots one, two and three years post-release.

For annual updates on this project seeĀ


Please download the following document for further information about the biocontrol program for wandering trad in NSW and to register your interest in receiving material for releasing the biocontrol agent in your area.

Wandering Trad Biocontrol_Release Information_NSW Enviro Trust_07.09.20

If after reading this document you require more information, contact Dr Ben Gooden (; +61262183896).