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Local Voices matter: What you told us…

The pilot project undertaken in 2017 has told us a lot about what it is like to live and work in and around the Adelaide Hills, and what is important in your relationship with Terramin Australia.

Results are available for the following phases of the project:

  1. The Community Workshopsundertaken in October 2016, where representatives of relevant community groups, near neighbours, and the wider community, were invited to participate in a 2-hour workshop to explore community functioning and wellbeing, before delving into specific issues and aspirations associated with the proposed underground gold mine development. The workshops were undertaken to support the development of contextualised survey instruments.
  2. The ‘Anchor’ survey is a detailed survey carried out at the beginning of the process. Undertaken between December 2016 and February 2017, the ‘Anchor’ survey asked questions about a range of issues related to living in and around the Adelaide Hills, the relationship with Terramin Australia, and opinions regarding the positive and negative aspects of their proposed underground gold operation.
  3. ‘Pulse’ surveys are designed to track the issues identified by the anchor survey. ‘Pulse’ surveys were undertaken each quarter for 12 months following the ‘Anchor’ survey, and from June 2018, will be undertaken each following quarter for another 12 months. Results from each ‘Pulse’ survey will be presented on this website in the month following each quarterly survey. The final survey of the current series is now complete. 

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What Terramin Australia says…

“Terramin is committed to working with communities to maximise the benefits and minimise the impacts resulting from our activities.”

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