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Local Voices

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Local Voices

CSIRO has developed a way to give communities an opportunity to express their views and experiences directly into companies that operate, or are proposing to operate, alongside them. Our approach enables a dynamic interaction between company and community that aims to increase understanding on all sides, build trust, and strengthen relationships. It builds upon knowledge gained from Australian and global communities through thousands of CSIRO research hours over the past decade.

Called ‘Local Voices’, the approach provides the communities neighbouring Terramin’s proposed underground gold operation in the Adelaide Hills a way to express their views and experiences directly into the company and help the company engage with the issues that matter most to these communities.

In 2016, Terramin Australia engaged CSIRO to pilot the CSIRO approach with communities in the Adelaide Hills and surrounds. In the first phase of this project, CSIRO conducted a detailed ‘Anchor’ survey and four quarterly ‘Pulse’ surveys. In 2018, Terramin Australia re-engaged CSIRO to continue the Local Voices approach for another 12 month period.

The September 2018 ‘Pulse’ survey is opening soon, followed by quarterly ‘Pulse’ surveys in December, March and the following June 2019. It’s not too late to join. Register today!

A shout-out!

Community members who reside and/or work in postcodes 5240-5244, 5250-5252 and 5255 – we want to hear from you!

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