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Mapping and monitoring outcomes and developing adaptation pathways for the North West Shelf Flatback Turtle Conservation Program, Western Australia


The North West Shelf Flatback Turtle Conservation Program (NWSFTCP) is coordinated by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) in Western Australia. It has a 30-year charter to increase the conservation and protection of the North West Shelf flatback turtle population including:
(a) surveying, monitoring and research;
(b) reducing interference to key breeding and feeding locations; and
(c) establishing information and education programs.

Key to the success of the program will be its ability to map, measure and meet desired program outcomes across social and biological dimensions, and integrate and plan research and activities for turtles and the community-at-large.  Our four year project (2018-2021) comprises two related work packages.
The first will utilise Outcome Mapping (OM) techniques in relation to the NWSFTCP Communications strategy to develop outcomes and priorities with the various stakeholders, as well as a strategy to measure and monitor these outcomes.
The second work package will develop a decision-support pathway to integrate biological and social data collected in the program, implement responses to particular outcomes, and explore the range of adaptation responses. Projections over the 30-year program period will elucidate how choices from a portfolio of decisions will influence the likelihood of meeting desired outcomes.

Project team: Alistair Hobday, Chris Cvitanovic, Ingrid van Putten, Mike Dunlop, Shane Richards,
Linda Thomas and Sierra Ison

Project updates
NWSFTCP Update 1
NWSFTCP Update 2
NWSFTCP Update 3


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