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    The diminutive device referred to as the iPod has spawned among the largest explosions in the digital accessories field as firms scramble to engineer and fabricate apparatus to enhance the iPod experience.

    From blue jeans equipped using an iPod-carrying pouch into infant seats that stone to its own music to systems which play video from the iPods from the car into some SpongeBob SquarePants speaker system that adheres to your apparatus.
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    Those and literally countless more have been spawned by the iPod’s popularity and are creating the participant probably the most accessorized product in consumer electronics, analysts said.

    Major cash, clearly, is that the driver: buyers purchased over 30 million iPods in 2005, bringing the total marketed by Apple Computer to over 42 million.

    That is a massive pool of techies and entertainment-starved customers who wish to boost their iPod expertise, and shops from super chains such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Circuit City to electronics stores and convenience shops are placing many different iPod accessories in their own shelves.

    The New York-based research firm, NPD Group Inc., puts the amount of iPod accessories currently available at roughly 1,000, making annual sales of $1 billion for its 200 or so companies which manufacture and promote the gadgets.

    The majority of the iPod accessories developed are instances or carrying totes, including linking docks, speaker systems or FM transmitters to use in cars.

    Alfred Barabas along with his brother Lazlo are expecting to ride the iPod attachment train using a brand new video iPod integration kit they have designed and engineered in their Long Beach company, Dension USA Inc., for owners of high-end cars like Mercedes-Benz, BMWs, Ferraris, Maseratis, Lamborghinis and Audis.

    Separate holding cradles can be found to blend in the car’s dashboard.

    The unit is part of why Dension’s DICE Electronics Digital In Car Entertainment — lineup of products. It is another integration tool which has helped Dension concentrate in on raising its share of the automobile iPod industry.

    The Barabas brothers awakened Dension within their Long Beach garage 2001 and as an element of job focused on growing MP3 players for the customer car, engineered the organization’s very first iPod integrator in 2004, the ICELink:iPod Plus, which performs high quality audio from an iPod through a car’s CD changer port.

    Alfred Barabas reported the iPod market is simply too big to ignore for businesses and continues to be a business target since the start.

    It is among the most accepted and widely used MP3 formats available on the current market, “and is certainly catching a great deal of attention from businesses,” he explained.

    Where the variety of iPod accessory makers numbered only in the heaps several decades past, today his firm has countless competitions.

    Digital Lifestyle sells and sells just iPod accessories.

    Many organizations are growing in expectation of markets predicted to double this forthcoming year.
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    Dension, for example, is moving into fresh 5,000-square-foot offices in Lakewood therefore it could hire more engineers for development and research to tap into, amongst others, the market for high definition radio.

    Back in Cerritos, ADS Tech is unveiling a new DVD Xpress USB audio/video catch accessory that offers a simple way for customers to convert analog audio and video content into an electronic format which then can be performed with mobile video players, such as the video iPod.

    ADS Tech is attempting to capitalize on rising demand for strategies to move “video memories” on electronic photographs, videocassettes and other sources and convert them to DVDs or iPod video-compatible documents.

    “Everyone and their brother had been hoping to shoot these movie memories to the PSP format, then the iPod came out four weeks later and everyone wants to shoot those memories to iPod video,” Bantug explained.

    Bantug said just gaming apparatus have come near the iPod in creating an attachment sector. Nintendo, the Game Cube and XBox all created a marketplace for attachments but no longer than a couple hundred complete, ” he explained.

    “Beyond this, there is nothing really to compare to the iPod, not I can think about,” Bantug explained. “A great deal of these accessories are created for those that wish video. The cool element. The wow element.”

    Wow is correct, at least once you examine the customer amounts, according to Stephen Baker, vice president of business analysis with The NPD Group.
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    And while it might seem the iPod accessory market may be flooded, do not rely on it, ” Baker said.

    “I am convinced there are all kinds of crazy things people may think of that have not even been thought of yet,” Baker explained. “Just how much any of those items would promote is a whole other story. A number of them are going to promote great, such as iDogs, and a number of them will not occur.”

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