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Synthetic Biology Future Science Fellowships: APPLICATIONS CLOSED

** Applications to the Fellowships scheme have now closed **


The CSIRO Synthetic Biology Future Science Fellowships scheme is funded through the CSIRO Future Science Platform in Synthetic Biology (SynBio FSP). The scheme aims to attract outstanding national and international early-career post-doctoral researchers (equivalent to Academic Levels A and B, or in exceptional circumstances, Level C) to expand Australian research capacity in synthetic biology. A key element of the SynBio FSP is establishment of a collaborative community of practice extending across CSIRO and Australia more broadly, and linking into international efforts in the field.

Fellowships will be hosted at a Host Organisation (usually an Australian University, but other Australian research organisations may also be eligible). The Fellowships program is a partnership between the Fellow, CSIRO, and the Host Organisation. Fellows will be employed by the Host Organisation but will maintain a strong linkage to CSIRO through a partnering CSIRO Mentor(s) and various joint activities designed to support development of a synthetic biology community of practice across Australia. Fellows will have a Visiting Scientist appointment at CSIRO and may spend a portion of time physically located within a CSIRO research group if appropriate for the Fellowship project.

The Fellowships are co-funding agreements, requiring a 1:1 cash commitment from the Host Organisation to match the cash commitment from the SynBio FSP. The Fellowships will provide three years of funding (salary and operating expenses) to be administered by the Host Organisation. Operating expenses may be used for experimental costs, equipment, travel, and other expenses directly related to the CSIRO Future Science Fellow’s research. A host organisation financial commitment must be provided in order for the proposal to be assessed.

The SynBio FSP is built on a philosophy of responsible development of synthetic biology technology, striving for ethical outcomes and working within the bounds of social acceptance. This is embedded in the SynBio FSP through the Maximising Impact Science Domain, one of four Science Domains in the FSP. Our mission is to develop capacity in synthetic biology within CSIRO and across Australia, in a collaborative and transparent manner.

At this time, a single call is funded and will support Fellowships to start by 1st November 2017. Further calls under this scheme may be made in the future pending funding arrangements and prior success of the CSIRO-Partner Organisation collaboration.