Space FSP projects

Satellite technologies

  • CubeSat to Mars – a Phase A/B study
  • Development of satellite optical systems for Earth observation science
  • MagLev reaction wheel for satellite attitude determination and control system
  • Rollable and self-deployable solar arrays for small satellites
  • High energy lithium sulfur batteries for space applications
  • Additive manufacturing of low thermal expansion alloy for CubeSat optical components

Earth observation

  • SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) Science Initiative
  • High-performance multi-sensor data analytics platform for earth observation science
  • Bridging the scale gap between satellite observations and localised ground- and drone-based measurements: a case study for perennial crops
  • Earth observation tools for algal bloom prediction

Communications & signal processing

  • Radio astronomy technologies for space situational awareness
  • Satellite ground station for space & Earth observation scientific research
  • Optical communications for space applications
  • High-speed satellite communication links based on terahertz technologies
  • High performance computing and imaging for small satellites
  • Entropy mining from pulsars: nature driven security, navigation and timing

Remote operations and resource utilisation

  • ISRU (In Situ Resource Utilisation): Unlocking Australia’s future in space resource technology
  • Predictive analytics for off-Earth resource modelling and utilisation
  • Exploring the effects of space microgravity on terrestrial biomining microorganisms for metal recovery from regolith simulant
  • Space spiders: multi-limbed microgravity maintenance robots

Human factors / space life sciences and biomedicine

  • Feasibility and opportunity analysis for a future space biomed science platform
  • All-optical devices for the real-time interrogation of living systems in microgravity
  • Real-time health monitoring in space