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How it works

Posted by: Emily Lehmann

June 26, 2017

Local Voices is providing communities in the South West region of Western Australia an opportunity to express their views about and experiences with mining activity in the region.

Between March and May 2019, people living and working in the South West region of Western Australia were invited to share their views on issues related to mining activities via an online survey. CSIRO collects and analyses the data, and presents it back to the communities and to the CME in useful ways, so that clarity and understanding improve between the groups, and the industry is better informed regarding issues of concern to the communities.

The process will explore community attitudes toward issues like the effectiveness of community investment programs, dust, noise, employment, skills training and development initiatives. Importantly, it will also explore the relationship between the mining industry and the neighbouring communities.

All community members living in the South West region were encouraged to take part. The aim was to ensure that a diverse sample from the community participates.

For every completed survey, participants received tokens which they allocated to their chosen eligible not-for-profit community group, and these can now be converted to cash for the group’s use.

Data from the 2019 Anchor survey is currently being analysed. The results of the survey will be published here. Watch this space!