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Community rewards

Posted by: Naomi Boughen

June 5, 2017

Connect your participation with a broader community benefit through a structured community reward program

The anchor survey is now closed but when participants completed the survey, they received 20 tokens which they allocated to an eligible not-for-profit community group. Participants allocated their tokens to eligible community groups who can now cash these in – 1000 tokens are worth $500. Alternatively, the community group can cash in tokens pro-rata after 6 months if they haven’t yet reached 1000 tokens. For example, 500 tokens would be equal to $250.

Groups or organisations nominate to join the rewards scheme. They must be not-for-profit groups operating in the south-west region of  Western Australia and may be school parents & citizen associations, charities, sports clubs or other organisations. There is no limit to the number of credits any one community group can accrue.

Full eligibility criteria are given in the Terms & Conditions.

Community groups registered with Local Voices can submit a rewards claim here.