Results of the Scoping Phase

SIMA Austral started in 2015-16 with a Scope phase that delivered results and recommendations to design the next phase, referred to as Implementation, which will run from 2016 to 2018. The work done by CSIRO Chile – SERNAPESCA team includes the analysis of technical missions, meetings and workshops carried out with different actors in the production chain, including the community, industry, government and other relevant actors.

Among the results of the scope phase oriented to develop a sustainable and internationally competitive aquaculture for Chile, we identified:

  • The objectives of a sustainable aquaculture production should be based on a definition of carrying capacity with a triple reference line: economic, social and environmental aspects. The currently applied physical and sanitary considerations are alone insufficient, leaving the industry at considerable risk.
  • To integrate economic, social and environmental objectives within a unified, evidence-based regulatory framework to provide a better coordinated, regulation responsible and proactive decision-making environment.
  • The need to establish a working field founded on a science-based management system. Focused on local and regional contexts, with research and development that addresses all aspects of production and the ecological dynamic of the system, able to guide decision-making cycles.
  • To have a retrospective, current and future vision of the system that allows the evaluation of scenarios to guide the future growth of the industry in the regions where the activity is still under development, and to introduce substantive improvements in the regions where the activity is already established.
  • Found credibility and trust in local actors and communities through regulations based on science and evidence, and the correct dissemination of information.