CSIRO Experience

Founded in 1926 in Australia, CSIRO is the national agency for scientific research in Australia. Today CSIRO ranks among the top 10 applied research organizations in the world. Amongst its most significant innovations are Wi-Fi, atomic absorption spectroscopy, the first commercially successful polymer bill, long-term contact lenses, Aerogard insect repellent and the introduction of a series of biological controls in Australia.

CSIRO Chile is the first entity legally incorporated outside Australia by CSIRO. Invited by the Government of Chile in 2010 to participate in the call for International Centers of Excellence in R&D, CSIRO is officially installed in Chile in 2012 with an International Center of Excellence for Mining.

In 2013, the statutes were formalized to form the CSIRO Chile Research Foundation. It develops capacities in diverse areas such as mining, river basin management, ocean and coasts, marine resources and aquaculture; and energy among others.

CSIRO experience in aquaculture

CSIRO is an expert in aquaculture research that seeks to increase the value, competitiveness and sustainability of the aquaculture industry.

Focused on the cultivation of fish, crustaceans and mollusks, CSIRO research seeks to improve food production for mankind from aquaculture species through the integrated study of genetics, physiology, health, aquaculture foods, environments and food science.

Some CSIRO projects on aquaculture are:

  1. Premium aquaculture breeds
  2. Better food for aquaculture
  3. Fighting against diseases of aquatic animals