Capabilities and infrastructure

SIMA Austral is built on the capabilities and infrastructure already existing in the various government agencies of Chile involved in aquaculture and management of hydrobiological resources.

The project will be implemented between 2016 and 2018 through the execution of the following work technical packages.

  1. Environmental and sanitary risk integrated management

This package provides systems and a series of integrated models of medium complexity to support decision making in the evaluation, management and mitigation of environmental, sanitary and socioeconomic risks. A systemic model is developed by integrating these macro and micro-economic, physical, epidemiological, productive, of connectivity, and food chain models. Which can assess the risk of surpassing the different forms of carrying capacity facing aquaculture.

  1. Data management, integration and visualization

A series of web services and information systems will be built to consolidate the databases, structured or not, that already exist and the new ones that the project will generate. This will be done to equip SERNAPESCA and other end users with an integrated information management system in real and quasi real-time, capable of generating evaluations, reports and visualizations, on the existing computational infrastructure.

  1. Environmental monitoring and modeling

To provide tactical intelligence (situational awareness) of the marine environment- in the adoption of adaptive management and mitigation measures when confronting emergencies- better methodologies of environmental monitoring and coupled hydrodynamic and biogeochemical modeling are been used, obtaining:

  1. A vision of the current conditions of the environment and its evolution in time and space
  2. Identification of management options
  3. The anticipation of high environmental risk conditions

By introducing and reporting an adaptive management of the system, these tools will significantly contribute to minimize economic losses and local or regional deterioration of the environment.

  1. Sanitary diagnosis and biosecurity

SIMA Austral seeks the development of improved biosecurity practices through the Biosec – Austral program (Diagnosis and Sanitary Biosafety) incorporated in a work package.

To improve the diagnostic capacity of diseases in aquatic animals (specifically viral isolation) and to use molecular diagnostic techniques for the detection and identification of important pathogens, Biosec-Austral is projected to train and prepare inspection agencies and reference laboratories in monitoring, sanitary diagnosis and application of biosafety standards.

  1. Communications and information management

To develop, implement and manage the operation, a work package is considered. This work package develops the processes and structures of governance, reporting and communication, and that makes a reality and contributes to the successful implementation of this important technological and knowledge transfer.