Webinar: Drought and Pandemia

July 23rd, 2020

Webinar – Drought and Pandemia: water as the central axis for the recuperation of the economy

About the webinar

The COVID-19 pandemic is much more than a health crisis; it is also an economic and social crisis. To cope with it, urgent short and medium-term measures are needed both to protect people’s health and well-being and to keep the economy and society functioning. Given that these will be accompanied by significant investments, we have to ensure that the recovery generates an economy that is more resilient and sustainable than in the past.

The pandemic has also shown once again that we are vulnerable to the vicissitudes of nature and that we must make progress in being more resilient in the face of it. One of the main axis on this path is adaptation to climate change, where water plays a fundamental role, since it is the medium through which the climate affects us the most. Indeed, water is key to resisting global threats and we require better management of its cycle, incorporating knowledge, governance and technology.

The importance and peculiarity of water cannot be ignored, since it is connected and integrated to most of the goods and services on which we depend: health, food, transportation, energy and the environment. Thus, if we include the management of the water cycle as an important axis in the recovery of the pandemic, it will have positive effects on people, households, companies, communities and the country.

Following a common ground, while a crisis is a source of danger, it is also an opportunity that cannot be wasted. In this way, through this webinar, we invite you to join us to reflect on this topic, to share ideas and experiences, and to begin to plan a more secure and resilient water future against climate change.


8.30 – 8.40 hrs Welcome
Dr. Orlando Jiménez, Executive Director CSIRO Chile
8.40 – 8.50 hrs Mr. Todd Mercer, Ambassador of Australia in Chile
8.50 – 8.55 hrs Interactive activity
8.55 – 9.40 hrs

Presentations and dialogue:

  • Juan Sutil, President of the Confederation of Production and Commerce, CPC
  • Graciela Correa, Manager of the Federation of Surveillance Boards of the VI Region
  • Cristián Vergara, General Manager of ESSBIO
9.40 – 9.55 hrs Questions from the audience
9.55 – 10 hrs Closure


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