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In 2011 the Social and Economic Long-Term Monitoring Program (SELTMP) for the Great Barrier Reef was initiated through funding from the National Environment Research Program. SELTMP was a novel attempt to monitor the social and economic dimensions of social-ecological change in a globally and nationally important region. It was set up to represent the current status and condition of the major user groups of the Reef with the potential to simultaneously consider trends, interconnections, conflicts, dependencies and vulnerabilities. The baseline dataset was collected in 2013 (SELTMP 2013), and data were collected through secondary datasets where existing and new datasets were created where not, using standard survey techniques. Baseline results from SELTMP surveys were obtained from 210 commercial-fishers and 119 marine-based tourism operators using telephone techniques; 2,877 tourists and 3,181 local residents using face-to-face techniques; and 2,002 other Australians using online facilities.

In 2017 SELTMP was commissioned by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) to collect and interpret a second data point. In this instance, data were to be integrated into the Reef 2050 Integrated Monitoring and Reporting Program (RIMReP). The RIMReP was conceptualised to meet the requirements of the GBRMPA’s ‘Reef 2050 Long Term Sustainability Plan’ (LTSP) that outlines how the Outstanding Universal Values of the World Heritage Area are to be monitored and managed. The Reef 2050 LTSP has an Outcomes Framework with seven overarching themes each with their own outcomes, objectives, targets, values and attributes that reflect the priority areas identified by government and partners. Four of the themes describe the human dimensions of the system; (i) governance, (ii) community benefits, (iii) economic benefits, and (iv) heritage. The monitoring and modelling program for the Reef and its adjacent catchment (RIMMReP) is expected to track the progress towards targets and objectives of the Reef 2050 Plan, and the current purpose of SELTMP is to provide data to directly address each of these four themes.



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