Data for decision-making in Pakistan

October 26th, 2017

Workshop delegates

Workshops and training were part of SDIP's project work with WAPDA in Pakistan

Workshops and training were part of SDIP’s project work with WAPDA in Pakistan

CSIRO, in collaboration with ICE WaRM, conducted a one day workshop at Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) on hydrological data collection, processing and management at WAPDA House. A four-day training program followed to finalise the pilot implementation of the time series hydrological database management system HYDSTRA. This workshop was part of the CSIRO Indus SDIP project.

CSIRO Project Leader, Dr Mobin-ud-Din Ahmad, presented the Indus SDIP project activities and provided insights from the Australian experience of data collection, modelling and water management in the Murray Darling Basin. WAPDA Chairman Lt Gen Muzammil Hussain (Retd) thanked the CSIRO delegates for their active participation and for sharing views and experience with WAPDA. He said that processes and techniques in data collection are considered to be crucial for implementation of development plans and construction of projects from their design to execution.

Presentations were also made by WAPDA officers about Glacier Monitoring Research Centre, Surface Water Hydrology and International Water Logging and Salinity Reclamation Institute of WAPDA.

Australia, through SDIP, has been supporting Pakistan to enhance its capability in time series hydrological data management, river basin planning and develop a water management model of the Indus Basin with CSIRO.