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Dave’s Place

Dave has been working with us on the Chameleon for the last 3 years. He gets all our prototypes to test in his garden.

Here is the story of his tomato crop this summer.

Video 1: Week 1

While Dave was working in Zimbabwe, I managed the irrigation during the first part of the season.

Video 2: Week 6

Dave’s tomato soil water pattern

Dave is always asking us to automate the data collection. In January he got his wish with this new Wi-Fi enabled system. Instead of uploading the data manually each day, we get an automatic 2 hourly feed to the cloud and back onto the website.

So what are the ‘lines’ on the water pattern? Dave wants more than the blue green red colours, so the line tells you where you are in the band i.e. as the line rises you move from the bottom to the top of the colour band.

If you click on the water pattern you can see the actual data.

Video 3: The Harvest

The perfectly irrigated crop explained!

Dave’s Garlic