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Chameleon Soil Water Sensor

1. Installing Chameleon Sensors

This video shows how to install an array of Chameleon sensors.

2. How deep are the roots?

It is impossible to irrigate accurately without knowing where the roots are actively taking up water.  Chameleon sensors turning from blue to green or red indicate the depths where roots are active. Knowing where the roots are helps you make the decision when to irrigate and how much water to apply.

Below are patterns for two crops grown at the same time.  The video below that gives the explanation.

3. Irrigation and root disease

It is important to know where the roots are taking up water.  If the all the lights stay blue, then you are probably over-irrigating.  In the case study below, the top light went from blue to green to red, but the rest of the lights stayed blue even when there was no irrigation for a few weeks.  The problem was diseased roots.  This is a common but ‘unseen’ problem in many irrigated situations where the same crops are grown without adequate rotations.

Onion Chameleon pattern