Robotics Innovation Centre

CSIRO Data61’s Robotics Innovation Centre

The Robotics Innovation Centre was launched on 12 March 2019 and it is a 600-square-metre purpose-built facility to enable world-leading robotics research across industries of strategic importance to Australia and the world, such as manufacturing, agriculture, mining, biosecurity and biodiversity to name a few.

The Robotics Innovation Centre houses:

  • The biggest motion capture system in Australia
  • A 13x5m pool for testing aquatic robots
  • A significant number of field-deployable UAVs, UGVs and legged robots
  • High-accuracy robot manipulators
  • Sensors and telemetry systems

It is a unique research facility for Australia that aims to empower greater collaboration across the robotics research sector, governments, industry and academia.

The Centre is an expansion of CSIRO’s Data61 robotics infrastructure which already includes dedicated mechanical and electronics engineering laboratories, several high-end rapid prototyping machines, large sheds for indoors systems testing, an open-air UAV flying area and outdoor testing areas including a forest and creek.


CSIRO’s Data61 robotics infrastructure, hosted by the Robotics and Autonomous Systems group, is open for industry use and collaborative projects.

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