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PhD Students

  • Shafeeq Elanattil –  PhD Student (QUT)- 3D Non-Rigid Tracking and Reconstruction (Supervisor: Dr. Peyman Moghadam)
  • Chanoh Park – PhD Student (QUT)- 3D multimodal situation Awareness (Supervisor: Dr. Peyman Moghadam)
  • Eranda Tennakoon – PhD Student (QUT) – Legged robot locomotion on deformable terrain (Supervisor: Dr. Navinda Kottege)

Masters Students

  • Russell Buchanan – Masters Student (ETH) – Real-time legged robot navigation in complex 3D terrain (Supervisor: Dr. Navinda Kottege, Dr. Tirtha Bandyopadhyay)
  • Kamil Grycz – Masters Student (ETH) – 3D Hyperspectral Imaging for Plant Disease Detection (Supervisor: Dr. Peyman Moghadam)
  • Fabio Ruetz – Masters Student (ETH) – 3D Path Planning for Unmanned Ground Vehicles (Supervisor: Dr. Paulo Borges, Dr. Emili Hernandez)
  • Ueli Graf – Masters Student (ETH) – 3D Off-Road Navigation for Unmanned Ground Vehicles (Supervisor: Dr. Paulo Borges)
  • JD Guo – Masters Student (ETH) – Colourisation of 3D cloud data using cameras for navigation (Supervisor: Dr. Paulo Borges, Dr. Mark Cox)