5 Star Data Rating tool

Our team has developed the 5 Star Data Rating tool to self-assess your data collection/service. This has been developed based on reflections on rating systems and maturity models proposed over the years across different initiatives, e.g. 5* Linked Open Data, FAIR, NEII, Schema.org.

The 5 star Data Rating tool allows users to carry out a self-assessment based on 5 qualities of data – Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable and Trusted. For each quality, a number of specific questions have been curated to allow users to rate their data according to its current state. The tool then provides users with a rating out of 5 stars for each quality. In doing the self-assessment, users are able to explore ways in which they are able to improve their data collection and how it is accessed by others. It gives people a very tangible target to aim for in order to improve their data collection and publishing process.

Check it out here: http://oznome.csiro.au/5star/


See also this wiki page for more details and examples of the OzNome 5-star rating system.