OzNome for Water project launch

November 5th, 2015

Today the OzNome for water project was launched in Melbourne.

The concept – what is OzNome for Water?

OzNome proposes a future where all of the data and information about Australia is linked and readily accessible; connected seamlessly; and where fit-for-purpose information, necessary for a particular activity, regardless of the scale of that activity, is available as and when it is needed, and ready for use. The OzNome project proposes a 10 year research programme to undertake the work necessary to realise such a world. A project that, on completion in 2025, will see Australia as the first country to boast ‘an historical, current and future digital representation of everything’ and the ability to explore, update, and model this capability to improve economic, social and environmental outcomes across the country, and drive unprecedented increases in national productivity.

The OzNome for Water project aims to explore and demonstrate the potential for streamlined and efficient information supply chains in the water domain and its integration with the broader information economy. OzNome for Water will look at a number of water-related themes including: environmental water, water quality, future water availability, hydrology and hydrological modelling, groundwater, urban water, water resource assessments and cumulative impacts on water. In this first phase, we aim to: understand challenges with regards to information practices in the water domain; describe and capture knowledge, experiences and related ‘OzNomic’ assets (e.g. datasets, information workflows and ‘social’ artefacts such as governance and participation models) held by different organisations that would be of value across the water sector; and identify opportunities to begin streamlining information processes in key strategic focus areas.