OzNome for Land and Water

OzNome aims to achieve a “historical, current and future digital representation of everything” in Australia by 2025.  The OzNome for Land and Water is a project for the OzNome Initiative focused initially on realising this vision within the CSIRO Land and Water Business Unit (L&W) with a view for applications with partners across the broader digital ecosystem. The project aims to demonstrate the potential for streamlined and productive science information supply chains for L&W and its internal and external collaborators and partners.

The project team is seeking to understand the current social, technical and informational state of the digital ecosystem in L&W and pathways for transforming it and carry out concrete implementations. These implementations aim to explore transformations in small and controlled environments as experiments, in order to identify key learnings, patterns and tools for application in the broader digital ecosystem. The project team aims to collaborate and work with champions for the OzNome L&W project to translate domain science outputs into OzNome implementations.

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