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Last Mile Logistics

Road Freight

We have worked with a leading Australian Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company to improve their daily delivery task. The company delivers goods to 24,000 customers using more than 600 vehicles across 90 depots.

Data61 has developed a very flexible solver for these types of routing problem. The solver can accommodate

  • multiple vehicle types,
  • multiple depots,
  • various capacities (kg, m3, pallets),
  • time windows at customers, including ‘soft’ windows,
  • incompatibilities between customers and vehicle types,
  • variable load and unload times,
  • driver breaks,
  • ‘pretty’ routes

and a host of other constraints and preferences.

This software was used to redesign the drivers’ routes. The resulting route set saved the company 14% of their transport costs, and saved 1,000,000 km per year.