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Creating the oil boom of the 21st Century

What and Why

Around 185 million tonnes of plant oil were used globally in 2017 for foods and renewable chemicals. Demand for this oil is forecast to grow rapidly in the coming years owing to rising world population, increasing per capita food oil consumption, and accelerating demand for renewable chemicals and materials. This growth needs to be supplied using essentially the same amount of land and natural resource inputs. NxtOil, an emerging growth venture from CSIRO, has created the step-change in technology needed to dramatically raise plant oil productivity and scalability to turn this growth challenge into a major new opportunity.

a bottle of nxtoil

Column graph showing oil yields in increasing order of corn, soybean, sunflower, peanut, rapeseed and NxtOil biofuel tobacco. The NxtOil average yield is 5x that of rapeseedNxtOil technology turns leaves into oil factories, much as seeds are now. This means that we can produce very high yields of vegetable oil in high biomass crops like switchgrass, sugarcane, sorghum and even our prototype plant tobacco. This greatly increases plant oil productivity and capacity.