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Thierry Rakotoarivelo


Dr. Thierry Rakotoarivelo

Senior Research Scientist,
Information Security and Privacy Group
Software and Computational Systems Program
Data61, CSIRO


email: [firstname].[lastname]

Short Bio


  • Oct. 2016: our paper “A Spectral-Based Clustering for Structural Health Monitoring of the Sydney Harbour Bridge” has been accepted for publication in theMechanical Systems and Signal Processing Journal (co-authors: Mehrisadat Makki Alamdari, Thierry Rakotoarivelo, Khoa Nguyen Lu Dang).

Short Bio

Thierry’s research focuses on information security and privacy within federated systems such as sensor networks, IoT, or Internet-wide testbeds. He is interested in:

  • provable privacy mechanisms for these systems
  • their design, provisioning, and orchestration
  • their use in experiment-driven evaluations and measurement campaigns
  • the analysis of collected data from such systems

Prior to Data61, Thierry was a Senior Researcher with NICTA (National ICT Australia). He worked on protocols and frameworks for large scale testbeds (i.e. ORBIT, GENI, PlanetLab and FIRE). He also worked on tools to enable reproducible experiments on these testbeds. He used and promoted these technologies to teach computing and networking courses (FORGE)

Thierry completed his PhD in cotutelle with the University of New South Wales (UNSW, Australia) and the Institut National Polytechnique of Toulouse (INPT, France). He worked on peer-to-peer mechanisms to discover and utilise Quality-of-Service (QoS) enhanced alternate paths on the Internet. His thesis received the Prix LĂ©opold Escande award from INPT in 2007. Prior to that, Thierry was a Senior Research Engineer at Motorola Australia Research Centre (MARC, now closed), where he worked on Quality of Service technology for mission critical wireless networks.

Projects and Current Activities


The complete list of publications for Thierry Rakotoarivelo (CSIRO ePublish)


  1. Peter Runcie, Athanassios Boulis, Maximiliam Ott, Rodney Berriman, Yuriy Tselishchev, Thierry Rakotoarivelo, Integrity of a civil structure, US Patent Application US20150142337 A1.
  2. Christopher Ware, Thierry Rakotoarivelo, System and method for adaptive polling in a WLAN, US Patent Grant US7085256 B2.
  3. Christopher Ware, Raad Raad, Thierry Rakotoarivelo, Adaptive scheduling window management for a quality of service enabled local area network, US Patent Grant US6961311 B2.
  4. Christopher Ware, Randy Ekl, Thierry Rakotoarivelo, Method and system for multicast scheduling in a WLAN, US Patent Application US20050135317 A1.

Past Projects