Infographic outlining features of MyLM for healthcare sector

MyLM™: it’s my lifecycle management

The challenge

Loss and expiry of biomedical parts costs the healthcare industry up to 30 per cent of turnover.

Additionally, the time and effort required to manually process medical devices takes specialist surgeons away from their patients.

MyLM™ to the rescue

We’re investing in Australia’s manufacturing future with our MyLM™ medical device supply chain solution that streamlines biomedical part design and manufacture.

Compared to existing products, CSIRO’s MyLM™ meets end-to-end (E2E) customer requirements, tracking work flow from initial patient consultation through to part order, design, manufacture, testing, delivery, post-implant device monitoring and recycling and waste.

The MyLM™ user experience has been built for today AND tomorrow

MyLM™ provides a truly mobile focused enterprise solution for healthcare. The mobile App that allows interactions anytime, anywhere, streamlines the part ordering chain process and provides transparency in knowing where parts are in the manufacturing/order process at any given time. This decreases the time from order to delivery.

A medical device supply chain solution

MyLM™ provides a superior medical device delivery and monitoring solution for surgeons, hospital providers and device manufacturers. The innovative, cloud-based platform improves efficiency and reduces supply chain costs.

Reduced costs

MyLM™ allows for scalability and extensibility of parts, meaning fewer wasted or expired off-the-shelf parts and a reduction in total supply chain costs.

Time saving

MyLM™ saves time. Reduced time spent ordering parts equates to more time spent caring for patients.