The goal of the materials upcycling and sustainability exploration laboratories is to foster collaboration between industry leaders and researchers and forging pathways towards more sustainable upcycling processes. Our research is is centered on innovative solutions that harness modern technologies and multidisciplinary science, aiming to create a greener, more sustainable future for Australia.

Snapshot of Our Projects

EPS Upcycling to Styrene Monomer

A portable, low energy continuous reactor is being developed to convert waste polystyrene into highly pure styrene monomer. This catalyst enhanced system can be brought onsite for EPS processing, overcoming waste transport challenges.

Waste-Cooking oil up-conversion to biodiesel and industrial chemicals

High surface area 3D scaffolds are being coated with heterogenous acidic catalysts to sustainably upcycling WCO into biodiesel and other valuable chemicals. Our technology minimize the chemical usage and eliminates the secondary neutralization stage.

PVC recycling by novel dissolution technology to virgin PVC

A circular, environmentally friendly dissolution technique is being developed to extract PVC from mixed waste e.g. cable sheathing, resulting in virgin-grade PVC for reuse in new applications

Sustainable bioderived polymers

Bio-derived monomers and  polymers as alternatives to petrochemicals:
•Like for Like – drop in replacement
•Functional Replacement – similar properties
•New / Novel – modifying monomers with differentiated or improved properties

Pyrolysis char as multifunctional component for novel technologies

High surface area functionalised pyrolysis char for use as chemical gas adsorber; Fabrication of photothermal surfaces and fibres; Low-cost filler for multifunctional composites

Unique In-House Facilities

Batch Pyrolysis With Gas/Oil Sampling

Complete process control for pyrolyzing waste plastics; Optimizing reaction chemistry and yield quality; Unique capability for in-line collecting pyrolysis gas and condensed oils

High-Temperature Auger Pyrolysis Reactor

Continuous feedstock conveying and processing, catalysts enabled, gas injection ports; Inline characterization capabilities; Atmosphere controlled continuous material functionalization capability

Autonomous Chemical Reactor

Enabling catalytic chemical reaction and process optimization with automatic AI-assisted dosing and sampling system

Portable Gas Delivery/Sampling System

Precision gas dosing/sampling, with temperature and pressure control; Allowing  gas management, continuous monitoring, telemetry and analytics

Fast Screening Filtration Tests

Testing materials for differential pressure drop, Chemical and Particle filtration efficacy for textile, cartridge and monolithic based gas filters, Simulating breathing patterns e.g. rest, exercise, coughing, and apnoea; Testing wearable sensors and multifunctional masks


Team Leader, Active Materials

CERC Postdoctoral Fellow, Active Materials

Mr Nick Ebdon

Senior Research Technician, Active Materials

Dr Louis Kyratzis

Chief Research Consultant, Active Materials