CIEP Experience

February 20th, 2020

Patagonian Ecosystems Investigation Research Center (CIEP)


The Patagonian Ecosystems Investigation Research Center (CIEP) contributes to the sustainable development of the Region of Aysén through scientific research of excellence pertinent to the interests of the community and productive sectors.

Created towards the end of the year 2005 within the framework of the Regional Program of the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research of Chile, it has become a point of reference in research related to the development and sustainability of Patagonian ecosystems.

The CIEP generates scientific knowledge that helps to understand Patagonian ecosystems functions and to value the natural heritage of the region, fortifying the regional identity and providing planning tools for a harmonious development of society with the natural surroundings. Through the work of its researchers, CIEP generate truthful and relevant information for the sustainable management of the key ecosystem services in the socio-economic development of Aysén. Due to the key role played by CIEP in the scientific understanding of the Patagonian ecosystems, its participation in this project is critical to achieved the objectives of this project.