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Metal production and interface design solutions

Our team is working not only towards developing new technologies in metal production and protection, but is also contributing to the renewal of traditional industries using modern technologies such as additive manufacturing.

We are also working to design new metal alloys that would exhibit tailored properties. In addition to partnering with us in R&D using our extensive facilities, you can call upon the technical expertise of our scientists and engineers who are able to provide wide ranging support to your business.

We actively engage with industry through consultancy projects to routinely deliver outcomes that enhance their operations and improve their bottom lines.

Our experts have a strong track record and are keen to assist you in the areas of novel titanium powder production, direct sheet manufacture, near net shape casting, corrosion protection and in-situ measurements and control. Our portfolio of solutions includes advice on design/process control, cost reduction methods and modelling and simulation. Contact us to find out how we can help your operation.

For more information contact:

Leon Prentice