Special issue for plastics leakage in Sustainability journal

August 17th, 2021

Denise and Qamar are guest editors for a ‘Research on Estimating Plastic Leakage into the Environment’ special issue for the international Sustainability journal.

Plastic waste entering the environment is a growing social, economic and environmental hazard. While there is an estimated 4.8-2 million metric tons of mismanaged plastic waste entering the ocean each year, overall there has been little large-scale, empirical work to understand how accurate that estimate is. To fill this data gap, scientists are invited to submit their work providing evidence of how much, what types, and where litter is entering the environment within their country or region. The focus of this special issue is to highlight original research taking place at multiple countries around the world, with an eye to enabling comparisons at multiple scales whilst understanding key drivers that result in waste entering the environment. We invite scientists to include opportunities to reduce plastic and increase sustainability at local, regional and global scales in your submission. We also ask that they to contextualize your research, relating your work to the growing body of existing literature on this important topic, whilst sharing information regarding relevant governance or policy related measures aimed at reducing waste leakage to the environment and/or resource recovery.

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We already have two article published in this special edition with many more to come!

Rapid-Survey Methodology to Assess Litter Volumes along Large River Systems—A Case Study of the Tamsui River in Taiwan
The Critical Importance of Adopting Whole-of-Life Strategies for Polymers and Plastics