Qamar’s TEDx talk

May 18th, 2022

In early 2022, our very own Qamar presented at TEDxHobart about ‘How do we radically rethink our relationship with plastic?’ Along with other presenters, she spoke with enthusiasm about her passion of reducing plastic waste. We are all very proud of you Qamar!

Getting smart about plastic: separating myth from reality and navigating our way through the plastic tide. Qamar Schuyler has been involved in plastics research since 2010, when she found herself ankle deep in turtle guts in search of plastic. While this may seem a downgrade from her previous research topics of coral reefs, tropical seagrasses, and satellite remote sensing, Qamar has embraced it enthusiastically.

Qamar was born in the United States, but has led a nomadic life, which has included 2 years on a ferro-cement Chinese junk, stints in Yemen and Morocco, and field work on many of the remote islands of the Great Barrier Reef and the Northern Mariana archipelago.

Qamar has lived the majority of her adult life either on boats or islands, and intends to continue that trend as long as possible. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at