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Dec 2016 – Talkin trash this Christmas

Sept 2016 – Eureka! Marine debris team wins award

Sept 2015 – Seabirds are eating plastic litter in our oceans – but not only where you’d expect

Sept 2014 – The oceans are full of plastic – here’s what we can do about it

Sept 2012 – Scientists and schools tackle marine debris

The Conversation

November 2016 – The oceans are full of plastic, but why do seabirds eat it?

June 2016 – Q&A: A Plastic Ocean – can a movie help us see this invisible crisis?

Feb 2016 – FactCheck: do Australians with an average seafood diet ingest 11,000 pieces of plastic a year?

Feb 2015 – Eight million tonnes of plastic are going into the ocean each year

Jan 2013 – Ghostnets fish on: marine rubbish threatens northern Australian turtles

Aug 2011 – Marine debris: biodiversity impacts and potential solutions

Other media

Feb 2017 – The Ocean Clean Up – Understanding the rising speed of plastic

Dec 2016 – ABC Online – Half of all seabirds along south-east Queensland coast have plastic in stomachs: CSIRO

Nov 2016 – JJJ Hack – Can a Dutch boy genius clean the ocean’s biggest garbage patch | Click below to hear full audio


Oct 2016 – SMH – Research reveals socio-economics influence rubbish levels in Australia

Sep 2016 – ABC Online – Lower-income neighbourhoods have bigger litter problems, CSIRO research reveals

Aug 2015 – National Geographic – Plastics in seabirds: A pervasive and growing problem that requires global action

The CSIRO marine debris team performing a strip transect to record debris