Informal Waste Management Cookbook

The Project

Our team has started an exciting new collaborative project. We are researching informal waste management practices from around the globe, with an interest in pinpointing specific strategies and methodologies that are common in successful programs.


Our Goal

To put together a ‘cookbook’ of recipes for success which will be published as a means to share with the broader community some of the great work that is already being done to stop waste/plastic/debris from entering the environment. Our aim is to focus on stories from around the world and to highlight projects  that help reduce waste, turn waste into a valued commodity, or otherwise focuses on the 5 Rs in a novel way (from far up the supply chain all the way to end of life solutions)

image of a waste picker along the coast of Bali, Indonesia
photo credit: Kathy Willis

A waste picker along the coast of Bali


An exciting story to tell

Do you know of an informal waste management program with a story to tell? Let us know! We would love to learn from them and include their story in our project!

Want to learn more?

Pop your details in the form below. Our project coordinator Justine Barrett will be in touch soon!


waste pickers along the coast of Indonesia
photo credit: Kathy Willis


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