Caroline Bray

Research Scientist

CSIRO Manufacturing

Dr Caroline Bray completed her PhD in Polymer Chemistry in July 2018 from the University of Warwick (United Kingdom) under the supervision of Prof. S├ębastien Perrier, and co-supervised by the Lubrizol Corporation. This research centred on the development of various polymer architectures using RAFT polymerisation, with efforts towards both oil and gas and therapeutic-targeted polymers. After completion of her PhD, Caroline embarked on a postdoctoral position at the University of Oxford with Prof. Charlotte Williams, synthesising a range of polymers for solid-state batteries in collaboration with the Faraday Institution. Caroline moved to Australia and joined the broader CSIRO team in February 2019, where her research concentrated on materials for Smart Window Devices. In 2022, Caroline joined the Ending Plastic Waste Mission as a Research Scientist, with time divided between the Oceans & Atmosphere and Manufacturing Business Unit working on a range of projects.