Local Voices matter: What you told us…

The Pilbara is pretty unique and you have told us a lot about what it is like to live and work there, and what is important in your relationship with Rio Tinto.

Data from the surveys are analysed by CSIRO and provided back to the communities and to Rio Tinto in a format that is accessible and useful. Click below to explore the results.



Results are available for both ‘Anchor’ and ‘Pulse’ surveys:

  1. The Anchor survey is a detailed survey carried out at the beginning of the process. Undertaken in 2017, the ‘Anchor’ survey asked questions about a range of issues related to life in the Pilbara, the relationship with Rio Tinto, and the positive and negative aspects of living in a mining region. The results of the ‘Anchor’ survey feed into the second type of survey.
  2. Pulse surveys are designed to track the issues identified by the anchor survey, and how you feel about them. They will be undertaken each month for the balance of the three years.

What Rio Tinto says…

“Rio Tinto is excited to receive the survey results to better inform our decision making going forward. These are still early days and we will continue to work with CSIRO to get more detail on the key areas from the pulse surveys. We will ensure we are addressing the issues that matter the most to you and will use the survey data to inform our approach to community engagement and investment. Thanks to all who participated – please keep providing information on how we can improve, what is important to you and how we can work together to strengthen Pilbara communities.”

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