2017 Anchor Survey

February 8th, 2018

The ‘Anchor’ survey was undertaken from July to September 2017. The ‘Anchor’ survey is a detailed survey, carried out at the beginning of the process. It asked questions about a range of issues related to life in the Pilbara, the relationship with Rio Tinto, and the positive and negative aspects of living in a mining region. The results of the ‘Anchor’ survey feed into the ongoing monthly ‘Pulse’ surveys.

Download report

Click here to download a snapshot of the key results from the 2017 Anchor survey.

Explore the data 

You can also explore the data yourself using our interactive dashboards – use the filters provided to explore the results by town. Click on a topic of interest below. To protect the identity of participants, data from towns with a sample with ten or less participants are not displayed in the dashboards. All responses, have, however, been included in our overall reporting.

2017 Anchor Survey Results

What to expect from the Local Voices team

These ‘Anchor’ survey reports provide a brief summary of some important themes that we found in the data you provided to us. We have now started the monthly ‘Pulse’ surveys – a short five-minute survey that allows us to track key community issues over time. These short ‘Pulse’ surveys create a real-time channel between the community and Rio Tinto so that your voice continues to be heard. ‘Pulse’ surveys are open now! If you weren’t involved in the Anchor survey, don’t worry, it’s not too late to join. Register today!

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