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DOUBLE token promotion

Posted by: bou125

May 3, 2018

The more local voices we have contributing each month the better, so, for the next three months (May-July 2018), we are DOUBLING the number of tokens (from 4 to 8) given to community members when they complete our monthly community ‘Pulse’ surveys – it only takes 5 minutes!

Pulse surveys are designed to track the issues identified by the anchor survey, and how you feel about them, over time. Surveys are issued monthly and take only about five minutes to complete online. ‘Pulse’ surveys are open now! It’s not too late to join. Register today!

Once you have registered with Local Voices an invitation and a unique link will be sent to your email or mobile phone each month. The surveys can be completed on any device able to access the online survey platform. All surveys are confidential and no personal information is shared.

The data are collected by CSIRO, who then analyse them and present them back to the community and to Rio Tinto in a clear and transparent way. Results from the ‘Anchor’ and all ‘Pulse’ surveys undertaken to date are available to explore. Click here to explore the results.

Rio Tinto has committed to using the survey results to work towards improving how quickly they address issues that matter most to your community and have committed to respond and speak to the issues raised through local feedback channels.

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