A ‘how to’ guide for Local Voices interactive reports

June 12th, 2018

Can I make the dashboard bigger?  Click on the double arrow icon found in the bottom right corner of the whole dashboard to view in ‘Full-Screen’ mode. Alternatively, you can view each chart in ‘Focus mode’ by clicking the rectangle icon, found in the top right corner of each chart when you scroll over them.

How do I explore by town? Use the FILTER BY TOWN menu on the dashboard to explore the results by town. To select multiple towns, hold down your ‘Ctrl’ key while you click.

Why is my town not listed? Each town must have a minimum of 10 respondents to be presented individually. If you would like to see data from your town presented individually, please encourage your friends and family in your town to participate. The more community members contributing to our surveys, the better!

Why are the dashboards not loading? Some users have experienced loading errors when viewing the interactive reports using ‘Safari’ as their internet browser when viewing from a mobile device. The interactive reports are best viewed on a desktop computer with ‘Google Chrome’ or ‘Firefox’ as the internet browser. The time taken to load the interactive reports may also vary pending internet connection speeds.