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Local Voices

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Local Voices

CSIRO has developed a way to give communities a direct voice into companies that operate alongside them. Our approach enables a dynamic interaction between company and community that aims to increase understanding on all sides, build trust, and strengthen relationships. It builds upon knowledge gained from Australian and global communities through thousands of CSIRO research hours over the past decade.

In 2017, Rio Tinto engaged CSIRO for a three-year project to apply the CSIRO approach with communities in the Pilbara region. The project is called Local Voices. Local Voices will provide the communities neighbouring Rio Tinto’s operations in the Pilbara a direct voice inside the company, and help the company engage with the issues that matter most to these communities.

The first ‘Pulse’ survey is now open!

Thank you to everyone in those towns and locations that have already registered and completed the Local Voices Anchor survey – it was an amazing effort. Everyone that has registered with Local Voices has received an invitation to participate in the Pulse survey, but if you weren’t involved in the Anchor survey it’s not too late. Register today!

Results from the ‘Anchor’ survey are available

The results of the Local Voices 2017 Anchor survey are available for you to explore. Click here to explore the results.

Help spread the word

We encourage you to help spread the word about Local Voices and let others in your community know how they too can participate.

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